Accommodation Inn

Make the most of your travels by finding the perfect accommodation in South Africa.


Traditional accommodation listing sites either focus on the end-user or focus on the property owners - they generally don't create the best experience for both parties.

We're here to change things up a bit by offering property owners a unified one-stop solution to list their properties while providing an optimal user experience for the users that are looking for accommodation in South Africa.



We help travelers find the perfect place to stay once they've given us their search criteria.

Send us your details and we'll curate a variety of options for you to choose from.

Property Owners

For those business owners that are in the hospitality business or for anyone that wants to let out their home (to travelers on a short-term basis).

We're actively sourcing new properties for our database so get in touch to list your property with us!


If you want to find accommodation options, or list your property, then send over your details & we'll be in touch!